Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Eureka's Mumblings !

Every time I started writing, my hand would scribble a few words and then suddenly it stopped. I had many reasons to tell but there was/is never a firm reason so that I can tell that this has been the reason I have not been able to jot down things. May be there had been many things to say or may be there was nothing to say. It was like I was trying to hide away things or maybe though I was not trying to hide even then there was no any pushing factor which would really help me get on track. Writing is actually a treat I could give to myself apart from few of those who would appreciate my writes and tell 'you should keep writing'. May be today I have pushed myself for the same reason too, to write even though I do not have anything special to write upon. May be sometimes some plotless write make more sense than the one with plot.

It's like a misty plotless world again, but as someone said there's a little light at the end of the tunnel. I too wish for some light at the end. 'Coz "I" believe :-)!
For "I's" believe :-)
Metta !


  1. Waiting for the Eureka moment. ;)

  2. haha...and the countdown begins ;-)

  3. I got heavily confused! But I want to assure u i too am also the part of ''you should keep writing' club!

  4. Hey, thanks for your words Sumedh :-) They really mean a lot !

  5. Yes this is great and like Eureka