Tuesday, January 20, 2015

समय !

समय मसँग नभएको हो कि
समय तिमीसँगै नभएको हो
समयको वास्ता तिमीले नगरेको हो कि—
समयलाई मैले नै नचिनेको हो
समयसँग लुकामारी खेल्दै जाँदा 
समयकै कथा–व्यथा भन्दै जाँदा 
यही समय
सधैं आफूसँग कहिल्यै रहेन

हे समय ! 
तिम्रै गीत गाइरहँदा
हर निमेष तिम्रै कुरा गरिरहँदा
मलाई— सधैं तिमी किन अपुग हुन्छौ ?

फेरी पनि तिमीलाई नै सम्झीरहँदा 
तिम्रै कुरा गरिरहँदा 
तिमि जहिल्यै सकिहाल्छौ-
हातबाट बालुवा सरि 
मिर्मिरेमा उदाएको सुर्य अनि 
अध्यारो रातका चकमन्न तारा सरि
बद्लीहाल्छौ मौसम सरि 
अनि बगिहाल्छौ नदि सरि 

हे समय ! 
तिम्रै कथा सुनाइरहँदा
तिम्रै बारे व्याख्या गर्दा 
तिमी—सधै किन प्रश्न बनि आउछौ ?

इति !
परिदृश्य: गुगल इमेज! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The waitings!

I waited
all those moments
just to see that smile
and the smile
just vanished
in a fraction of while

The waits I made
were worth of it
though it last not long
those were my feels
in the momentarily bliss
had it been no wrong

Some more thoughts
just flung along
as flipped the time hereby
I waited again
to feel those moments
and just bid a goodbye!

Metta !!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Her story !





End of "her story" !
Metta !!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

फेरी तिमी !

कता कता

फेरी उता

यदा कदा

सदा सदा !

एवमस्तु !!
तस्विर: विशाल !
पहिले: तिमी!

Monday, January 5, 2015


the thoughts
the murmurs
the mumblings

the thumbs
the throws
the pins

those dreams
the desires
and happenings

the bags
with the rags
and rumblings

the faith
and foreseeings !

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Illusions !

I wrote about the "Amazing World of Words" once. The world is literally an amazing place and words rules all over-I reiterate again. As I sit down to write this blog today, I remember I was told-I have been lazy in writing. I do not write any piece at all. May be yeas, that was how things have been moving. As I say this I remember another blog of mine where I tell about the difficulties I face while writing. And with these says of mine I would like to borrow the following words of Richard Bach from his famous book "Illusions". 

"It was a question I heard more than once, after
Jonathan Seagull was published. “What are you
going to write next, Richard? After Jonathan, what?”
I answered then that I didn’t have to write anything
next, not a word, and that all my books together said everything
that I had asked them to say. Having starved for a
while, the car repossessed and that sort of thing, it was fun
not to have to work to midnights.

Still, every summer or so I took my antique biplane
out into the green-meadow seas of midwest America, flew
passengers for three-dollar rides and began to feel an old
tension again - there was something left to say, and I
hadn’t said it.

I do not enjoy writing at all. If I can turn my back on an
idea, out there in the dark, if I can avoid opening the door to
it, I won’t even reach for a pencil.

But once in a while there’s a great dynamite-burst of
flying glass and brick and splinters through the front wall
and somebody stalks over the rubble, seizes me by the
throat and gently says, “I will not let you go until you set
me, in words, on paper.” That’s how I met Illusions."

This was how Bach met his great write "Illusions". My "Illusion" is yet to come :-)!

Metta ! 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Peril of thoughts

and then

and then

amidst the sorrows
in the pain

in the perils
with perks

jot words
thrash them
on the wall

the prescient
the narrator

Metta !!
Image courtesy: Deviant Art

Friday, November 28, 2014

हस्ना ना रोना

आज रोत़े रोते आख पथरा सी गई शायद
रोना जो भूल गए थे हम
हस्ने कि बारी जब आए
बुला लेना हमको भी प्यारे
वारे-न्यारे हो जाएंगे हम

अस्तु !

सोच- दोस्रो कडी !

कति निरिह छ प्राणि आफ्नो सोचको आवेग थाम्न नसकि आफ्नैहरुको बीच पराया जस्तो हुन पुग्दछ।  कसरि सम्झाउनु त्यो सोचलाई जहिले टाठो भएर बसेस्, जहिले विचारवान भएस् । कसरि भन्नु ति उडी हिड्ने सोचहरुलाई - तैले कहिल्यै कुनै फरक तरिकाले सोच्न पाउदैनस् , केहि गर्न त झनै पाउदैनस् । सदैव एकै तरिकाले  बसेस् । दुखे पछि ऐया नि नभनेस् । खुशी भएपछि जे गर्न मन लाग्छ गरेस्। बस् आफ्नो काबुमा बसेस्। यसैलाई आफ्नो जीवन मन्त्र बनाइ हिडेस्।  

अस्तु !
पहिलो: सोच- एक कडी

She-my friend (the long distance talks) !

"Oie, k chha khabar," Suman messaged her from the other end. Though miles away they were always together and a word from Suman was her solace.

"Good," was her brief reply.

"How's life going on? Been long we have chatted, I was busy I must admit. So tell me how are things running at your end,"Suman asked it all in a sentence.   

" :-)," was her reply.

":-)," Suman smiled back. "Come, lets Skype," she added.

After a brief silence she started,"I was just searching for words Suman, where do I start from. It sometime just feels sadder knowing the fact that some things are not for you and may be then again you are longing for it. Though you know it was never for you but still the craving was there. The craving was even not for anything more, just that things do not dissemble or may be I do not know what." Preeya said in a flawed tone.

Preeya seemed depressed. Suman exactly knew the feelings that was flowing inside her. That was she, who could exactly depict the thought flows of Preeya, exactly knew what she was going through, exactly could relate things. She could sonder and ponder at the same time.

"Keep saying," was her say.

Preeya quietened for sometime, neither did she speak nor messaged. After sometime the message box blinked up. "Suman, may be I can't depict my says properly. May be I am a bad communicator, people do not understand me or moreover I do not let people understand me and then the dispute rises up."

Suman was smiling at the other end and typed,"and then??"

"And then I ruin up every thing--every piece of thing exactly," she spoke. "I act damn weird at times. May be I am very possessive at times and that exactly shows in my actions. I do not actually mean it but that happens time and then and result is my complains of self at your place. I don't want things as such Suman. I am literally tired," Preeya said sadly. "Everyday I try doing things well from my end and then I end up ruining things. I am off taking things as such. I want peace."

Suman knew what she was feeling and going through. She did not want to speak anything more today cause she knew even words were not going to heal her for the day. The pain was more severe which Preeya was going for the day. She just sent her a photo showing two trees and typed on the screen,"be we be farther as shown in the pic yet we will always be as near as they could be captured in a picture. Don't you worry Preeya, I am always there for you."

Far-yet near !
Tears flew down Preeya's eyes and they were tears of joy after the cloud of painful thoughts flew out of her. She gave a faint smile and send back a smiley," :-) I love you Suman," was what she could reiterate.

Metta !
Image: Kanchan