Sunday, September 14, 2014

Thoughts !

A sudden splash of thoughts
meager me

A sudden downpour of feelings
surprised me

A roar of the inner quests
thoughtful me

A plight yet again
twitchy me

And those confirmed thoughts
determined me

And there I fly
ecstatic me

Metta !
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Thursday, September 11, 2014


It said,"I don't feel like existing."

"Shh ! Existence is the best being, you can be in," I tried to convince.

It smiled.

I smiled back.

Metta !

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Coffee Chats

The second cup of coffee was getting colder on her table. Both the cups stood side by side. Dai had come the second time to remind her to drink the coffee. "कफि चिसो भई सक्यो," (the coffee is cold) was his repeated remark. "एक छिन दाइ म अहिले खान्छु," (Hold on, I will finish up in sometime) was her brief say. She got back to her work again , her hands were moving briskly on the computer. As always there were piles of work to be accomplished. Time is never a constraint factor, a thought winded in her mind and as fast as the thought came that fast it flew away as well. She again got back to her work. Dai came the third time to remind her of the coffee. A smile flew across her lips. "हुन्छ दाइ खादैछु ल," (I am just having it brother) she said. Dai seated on the nearby chair, this time making sure she doesn't forget her promise, while she was cautious enough to finish up her coffee. She finished the cold coffee in a sip; threw a smile at dai and got back to her work. This was her daily routine. She had numerous reasons to not take care of herself. Sometime it would be work, the other time also it would be some more work. Dai went away with the cups and she was left aback thinking with works overhead.

Monday, July 14, 2014


Sometimes I,
stare at the words
feel them
and smile back

Sometimes I, 
try and listen  
the silence 
and then hear 
the unspeakables

Sometimes I,
try to know
the depths
go to measure
the unmeasurables

And then I,
creep aside
leave abide 
try to endure
the unsufferables

From those lands, I come !

Metta !!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

भानु जयन्तिको उपलक्ष्यमा

भानु भक्ताचार्य प्रति
-आत्माराम ओझा

भाषा साहित्य सारा तब तक थियो औशी को रात जस्तो 
निन्द्रामा मग्न जस्तै भैकन सुतेको थियो  यो समाज। 
देखि  त्यस्तो अध्यारो तेस बीच छट्पट गर्दथिन राष्ट्र भाषा 
श्री भानुभक्तजीले झलमल दिनु  भो भानु झैँ स्वप्रकाश ।।

नारदजीलाई लोकको हित गर्न भनि सत्यलोकमा  पठाई 
रामायणको सरस हरि कथा काब्य दि रास्ट्रलाइ। 
नेपाली कण्ठ खोले पृथ्वी भरिमा घन्कीइन रास्ट्र बाणी 
काव्याम्रित चाखी चाखी रसिक जनहरु तृप्ति पाई रमाये।।

नेपाली काब्य धारा उद्गम स्थल भो भानुको काब्य श्रिस्टि 
श्रॆङ्गारे रास्ट्र भाषा पछि अरु कविले प्रेरणा पाई जसको। 
श्री भानुभक्तको यो अनुपम हुन गो रास्ट्रको लागि देन 
श्रद्धाको पुष्प अर्पण युग युग गर्ला देश नेपाल तिम्रो।।

(हजुरबुवाको कलम बाट)


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Eureka's Mumblings !

Every time I started writing, my hand would scribble a few words and then suddenly it stopped. I had many reasons to tell but there was/is never a firm reason so that I can tell that this has been the reason I have not been able to jot down things. May be there had been many things to say or may be there was nothing to say. It was like I was trying to hide away things or maybe though I was not trying to hide even then there was no any pushing factor which would really help me get on track. Writing is actually a treat I could give to myself apart from few of those who would appreciate my writes and tell 'you should keep writing'. May be today I have pushed myself for the same reason too, to write even though I do not have anything special to write upon. May be sometimes some plotless write make more sense than the one with plot.

It's like a misty plotless world again, but as someone said there's a little light at the end of the tunnel. I too wish for some light at the end. 'Coz "I" believe :-)!
For "I's" believe :-)
Metta !