Tuesday, June 30, 2015

ऊ- २ !

"आज देखि साँस लिन छोडि देऊ तिमि," आदेशात्मक पारामा भनेछन् उनीले। उन्को भनाईको लवज सुनी साँसको आवस्यकता नै केहि रहेनछ जस्तो लाग्यो ऊलाई पनि, अनि साँस रोकि बसि दिइ ऊ।

इति !!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fragile !

I felt fragile lately coz the presence was omnipresent. I believed you existed but you were never there.

Metta !

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Plot-less plots!

Whenever I start writing 2 or 3 plots move around at the same time in my mind and I end up writing nothing. This is not the first time it has happened, but for the umpteenth time again. Today too I was about to start with some other plot but seems I have ended up writing something else. I was talking to my friend lately, I said I sometimes write a lot of non-sensible stuffs. He was of the opinion, that it being my blog I had the right to do so. As it is my blog it certainly gives me the freedom to scratch the very minutest of things or just talk big. To swag or just make fuss.

Having thought of all the sensible and non-sensible stuffs I didn't feel like thinking anything more and just let my fingers run on the keyboard and there I made it inhere. May be then when my being doesn't exist, my words would exist; a crazy yet true of the thought swirled in. Whenever I make such says I am told to shut up as if am immortal. We have this habit of closing our eyes in sheer brightness and assume that the darkness hovers around. 

Having said this am still in dearth of a plot, a more of a sensible plot. A plot that glistens like the moon in the full-moon night. May be one awaits ahead.

Until then.
Metta !

Friday, June 12, 2015

ऊ !!

"टिनको डब्बा उठाएर फाले जस्तो गर्नु भयो नि हजुरले, म त हाड/छाला र हृदय भएको मनुस्य पो थिए त।" यतिभन्दा भन्दै उस्को आवाज भासियो, अनि मुख फर्काएर हिडिछे ऊ !!

इति !!

Thursday, June 11, 2015


"That was the day I knew I loved you to bits," she mumbled.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Love never loves !

When love knew
it was love
love never loved

with more of love
love upholds
but love never loved

in the sleepless nights
when love up-roared
yet love never loved

and love sub-sides
just then when
love never loved.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


"Sometimes I find myself miserable, coz when I miss you I can't even say, "I miss you".
Miser-ability crosses it's limit when I want to see you and can't even say ,"hey! lets meet".
Feel helpless when I feel like running to you and letting you know how much I love you and then I can't."

"How I wish I never fell in love!" she mumbled.

Suman felt like she was listening to the radio as Preeya was speaking on her own. She heard her word by word. Felt her all the way.

She knew she could not do anything more.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Aftermath of love !

If love was it,
she thought-
she won't be able to love again. 

all the loves got drained-
in loving the lovable one.

The lovable one,
whose presence made her love-
everyone some more. 

Still love,
peaked the more-
gave her the strength. 

That strength,
which showed her the path-
let her intact.

which made her pious-
let her flee from the edge.

love was never hers-
she loved love some more.

Metta !!

Monday, May 4, 2015

प्रिय धरहरा !

प्रिय धरहरा,
तिमीलाई देखे 
कहिले नउठ्ने गरि 

त्यसरी देख्दा,
मन थामेको  
बाँध फुट्यो 
चित्त फाट्यो 
सुस्केरा छुट्यो 
हाँसो हरायो 
आखाँ रोयो 
आशु बग्यो। 

मनलाई संभाले 
हेरे फर्की एता उता 
फेरी देखे 
तिमी माथि चिल कौवा सरि 
झुन्डिएका ती 
मनुष्यका हुल 
तिमीलाई खोपि रहेका 
नोचि रहेका। 

प्रिय धरहरा, 
यस्तो एक्लो 
त्यसरि बर्सौ वर्ष 
ठाडिदा नि
कहिल्यै भएको थिएनौ त तिमी 
जसरि ढल्दा 
तिमि एक्लियौ 
र फेरी विस्मृति मा विलिन हुन पुग्यौं।। 

इति !!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

That day !

That day
when the day begun
it was cool and calm
but by the end, it was doomed to dark

That day,
when the earth thrashed
many hearts crashed
& just in a blink, lives vanished

That day,
everyone could just shout
heart wrenching were the voices
life-turning were the happenings

That day,
everyone of us wished
had the day never begun
had it never existed

After that day,
we hope
like every other day
this day passes too !!