Thursday, August 27, 2015


I should have known it had to end somewhere but then it never ended.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

I Love Rains :-)!

Rain’ sings
rain dances
there's a charm in rain.

Rain squeaks
rain pampers
there's fluidity in rain.

Rain smells
rain tastes
there's gravity in rain.

Rain closens
rain departs
there's the spark of love in rain

Rain drenches
rain flies
there’s happiness in rain. 

Oh Rain!
dear rain
I love rains J

Metta !
Image courtesy: Google Images.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Saw that too!

There was a pattern in our writes. We are a one-liner bloggers!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Moods !

There's nothing so very special to be talked about. Not even the rains !!

Poising a thought !

Sometimes so many thoughts move around in mind that you can't just quieten them. Some of those thoughts get poised and spilled over here.

*Take I*

My thoughts moved on from the age thing.

What difference does it make when I say am 50 years old or 40 years old or 30 years old or  20 years old?

Is my way of behaving garnered by my age. The day when I will reach 40 should it be different then the way I behaved when I was 20. Do I really need to change that far? Can I not behave like a teenager when am 40? Can I not wear what I want to wear when am 45? Do I need to speak very much differently when am 50? Do I need to put on a severe serious coat "a mukhauta" over my face to be me? Why won't I be able to be me when I am me-myself? Why would I need to move on with the certain societal norms when I want to be me?

Why should I be judged by my age?



While I pose these questions I get my answer too. 

Age is just a number garnered by our thought. We tend to believe and make that belief such profoundly integrated within our system that we want ourselves nurtured in a wrong way with the wrong and false beliefs. 

I would say no! We do not need to be guarded by the false belief of guarding ourselves by age, profession, seniority, hierarchy etc. BE YOU and it's as simple as that.

For now I would like to end my note with this video "Khat"


*Wrapping up*

I felt like,
*poising a thought*
The thoughts,
which can always fly
Still I felt like,
Poising a thought !

PS: I want to write something more on this topic. May be someday I say something more profound.
Until then let me be older :-)!

Video courtesy: Emotional.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Compassionate !

The way I was
the way I am
you sharpen the way it is
let me get better along.

( be continued)!

Wishes and Prayers !

My evening prayers were up,
when the sun went down.

Prayers were there for you,
you were there in those words.

My wishes soared high,
your name came all the while.

If wishes are heard ,
Mark it; you will be mine!!

Metta !
Image by: @KanchanOjha :-)!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Scribblings !

The  vanity in hopes
Creations  in uncreativity
Says in unsays
Fathom in  freedom
Likelihoods in unlikelihoods
Hopes in despairs
Beings in unbeings
Bends in unbends
Reactions for unreacted
Life in non-livings,
When you seek
Bare the hands be
Still the life be
Scribble you though do
Meaningless the feels be.

Image courtesy: @googleimages

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mundane talks !

Some days are kind of confusing but still you try to overcome them. You panic and panic some more and that's how it goes.

May be there's no better way to overcome them. Sometimes you seek for help, sometimes you speak off but that doesn't work all the time. And overtime you also know that it's useless to speak as well. That's the general common rule may be and there's no any alternate way out of it.

(takes a long deep breathe)

Signs off !!
In search of Metta!!

Image courtesy: A friend's capture from Pokhara museum!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Friendship Day :-)!

I had to write a poem,
and tell
what a 'friend' means
I would have
wrote the poem
sung lores
& even tried writing stories

would have then
scribbled pages
still the word 'friend"
would not have
fit in mere words
and phrases
and those bulk of pages

Happy Friendship Day folks smile emoticon!
Though a day is never enough for celebrating the loveliest of relation, still they say the first Sunday of August stands for Friendship day.
Love the feeling of being a friend/having a friend and Cherish the bond smile emoticon!